Quito, Ecuador (Week 3) IVHQ

*Disclaimer: I’m posting these all late, but I took notes and videos of almost every day. Take this with 90% accuracy. Also, as for my complaints, these notes are in real time. 

This week was very short so I am only showing a few pictures. I had the Monday off from school because of a holiday. The coming weekend will be a whole other post.

1/16- Day off. Nothing really significant

1/17- Came into class and received this lovely picture. I was always receiving drawing from my students. They spelled my name ten different ways.


My kids at recess. I was so shocked by the fact that they played Chess for fun. They’re so cute!

After School, the lunch below is soup with fresh Guanabana juice. I think I either payed 50 cents more for the popcorn or it was on the house. Lunch cost $1.50. After lunch, I went to my Spanish lessons. The picture below is during conversation exchange. My teacher would show be a picture and I would have to discuss what was going on. After a while, this method got very boring. I wish we could discuss certain topics that had a lot to be said about it.

After lessons, I had a great conversation with a cool new girl and other volunteers. I discovered that we have the best WiFi situation (at Susanna’s) than 2 other accommodations. They literally had none. I reserved a hostel in Mindo at Casa de Cecilia’s for Friday night because last bus leaving early. Gina gave us all feedback forms. They do this every two weeks. I was very impressed when I realized this. It’s a great way to understand what is going on in the program. And it was a chance for our complaints or opinions, to be heard.  Here was my feedback below:

Dessert. The dessert shop is literally a 3 minute walk from the Volunteer Connection Ecuador office in Quito. Facing the street from the building, make a left and cross the street, then you’ve arrived. I’m just taking advantage of the amazingly cheap desserts. This only cost about 75 cents.



My breakfast. I don’t know where that empanada came from though. I usually bought my own cereal for breakfast every morning. For breakfast, we got bread and jam (which I took for lunch, it’s sooo good) and tea.


My breakfast

I found a library at the school I teach at. I also had a cheese empenada, it was horrendous.

Two days after I gave in my feedback form, Gina got back to me with the option to move out of Susanna’s house. I was actually shocked at the request because I made critical suggestions, I didn’t hate where I lived, I just thought things could be improved. I felt really bad for saying negative things about her.  She is a sweet woman, we all get lazy sometimes. Anyways, yea, I let that be known that Susanna is pretty cool. Plus, she tailored my skirt for me and refused to take my money. I honestly don’t expect her to be a perfect host mother considering the high turn over of volunteers. Plus her house was nice.


Feedback from Gina

So Wednesday afternoon I watched other volunteers take a Salsa and Reggaeton class. I believe it cost them $7 each. I didn’t bother because I can already dance but I enjoyed watching. I was extremely happy that a cool new set of volunteers arrived that week too.

This is the delicious dinner that night that Susana surprised us with. I definitely had seconds.



That evening I finally posted on my blog but realized that there is no longer a travel journal for IVHQ volunteers. Now it seems sketchy. 


I took two pictures on my morning commute to school with Francisco. The ride was usually about 40 minutes. The third picture is from one of my kids (I got these almost every day) and the last was dinner that night.

 Today, no one was looking forward to their language lessons. My other advanced roommates’ situation seems a bit worse than mines. I also received my extra Spanish lessons refund. After lessons, I bought candy for my kids to give out the next day. I went to the super market alone. The streets are so dangerous, I found out a new volunteer got robbed today, so now I’m feeling paranoid.  Battled dilemma of staying at my school longer or not. Went to gym for leg day. Studied Hacer y Decir. Looking to take Verbling classes. Studied my Esperanto.


My students huddled around Monica to view their grades (I think). The picture of the page below is me checking my bus schedule to Mindo the next morning. It’s only 2 hours away thankfully. The food pic was my AMAZING lunch. It cost $2.50/$3 with soup and fresh juice. It was shrimp fried rice. I believe this was my favorite meal I’ve had at that restaurant. I basically go there every day for lunch. It’s a block from the office. Anyways, that afternoon in the office-around closing time- a new volunteer was literally freaking out because she locked her entire backpacking bag in the language room. She was crying and begging Gina to help her and said she’ll pay money to get her stuff out because she was going to Banos that evening. However her tears fell on dry shoulders as the man who had the only key to the language room went home for the day and Gina didn’t want to bother him (but they did call him twice with no answer). I really felt sooo bad for her as she had all of her credit cards, money, clothes, etcetera in there for the weekend. She basically had to rely on her housemates which kind of sucks. It’s a good thing good people exist.


Next post? MINDO!


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