Why I am traveling to Ecuador

In several days I  will be traveling to Quito, Ecuador to stay for several weeks. During my time there I will be volunteering teaching English through a very popular organization. I am super excited to be able to have this travel opportunity. I could have chosen anywhere, but I chose here. This is why:

  1. Ecuador is Cheap- I would have preferred to travel to Peru but the flight there and other expenses would have cost me an extra 2k. Ecuador, however, is extremely cheap compared to many of the other options I was looking at.
  2. Reach Spanish fluency- this is the main reason I am even traveling to Latin America. I was considering backpacking Thailand this time around but I have been trying to be fluent in Spanish for over a year and a half now (intensively), so this would be the perfect opportunity to be more conversationally fluent. I am at B2 level in Spanish and some people would say that I am “basically fluent”. However I still have to think a lot about how I translate some words. I want Spanish to roll off of my tongue naturally. I am sort of there but not really. I can still put ‘fluent’ on my resume without it being a lie though. They just have to talk to me slowly.
  3. Delay Adult-hood a little longer- I graduated university several months ago. I’d like to travel a bit more before I settle in my first “real job”. After this trip, I am most likely not traveling (abroad) for at least another year.
  4. Personal growth sweet spot- Travel has been one most impactful things that I have done in terms of self-growth since my first study abroad in Japan. Travel makes me super vulnerable and very aware of the person I am. I have experienced all types of emotions abroad. I saw parts of me that I didn’t like and need to work on and I also realized that really and truly the world does not revolve around me. Not vibing with everyone or not having everyone instantly want to be my friend has been a major eye opener. I am not trying to be everybody’s friend but from this experience I have learned so much. Solitude has brought me much wisdom and each trip that I take feels like a personal asset has brought more value to my life.
  5. IVHQ one on one Spanish lessons– I believe out of all the affordable countries, Ecuador was the only one with one on one language lessons for super cheap.
  6. Cuy- Ecuador’s national dish, the Guinea pig. I’m super hype to try this.

Viaje conmigo!


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